• Seeing the Holocaust through eyes of twins

    The Straits Times – Pearl and Stasha Zamorski are identical twins in Auschwitz. At first, this is their saving grace; later, it becomes their ruin. The Zamorski twins are fictional, but much of Affinity Konar’s debut novel, Mischling, is steeped in fact, making it a harrowing and, sometimes, heartbreaking read.

  • Holocaust survivor: ‘I became B-1148 instead of a human being’

    Yahoo News – Michael Bornstein was a small child when Nazi soldiers sent him and his family to one of the most evil places the world has ever known. “From what we’ve been told, children my age, about 4, survived about two weeks at Auschwitz. I was able to survive

  • Purim – Rejoicing the Holocaust that was diverted

    Jerusalem Post – Purim has a special significance for me. My parents barely survived the Holocaust, and the rest of my extended family didn’t. This special significance reawakens every time I read the Megillah, and in my mind’s eye I try to translate the words of the Megillah into a

  • Amazon removes Holocaust denial books from sale

    Titles which question or reject the Holocaust have been taken off the site, following discussions with the Board of Deputies Amazon UK has removed four books from sale which question or deny the Holocaust, following discussions with the Board of Deputies. The titles, including ‘Holocaust: The Greatest Lie Ever Told’

  • March of the Living Sponsors Holocaust Educational Symposium at Loyola Law School on The Nuremberg Laws and The Nuremberg Trials

    On Tuesday, February 28th, International March of the Living co-sponsored a Holocaust Educational Symposium on the Nuremberg Laws and the Nuremberg Trials, held at Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, in cooperation with the International and Comparative Law Review and Loyola Center for the Study of Law and Genocide. The

  • The untold story of the Jews forced to work in Nazi death factories

    Haaretz – Talking to: Dr. Gideon Greif, 65, expert on the history of Auschwitz and chief historian of Shem Olam: The Holocaust Faith Institute for Education, Documentation and Research. Where: A Tel Aviv café. When: Thursday at 7 P.M. You returned from Germany today. What was the purpose of your

  • 4 Things I Learned from My Grandparents Who Survived the Holocaust

    Kveller – As I watch the news, my mind is constantly drawn to my grandparents, who came to the United States from Romania after World War II. Survivors of the Holocaust and family of so many of its victims, my grandparents came through Ellis Island with little more than each

  • A moment that changed me: meeting the Holocaust survivors who made me a better person

    The Guardian – In the summer of 2011, I was sent to interview a Jewish couple at their home in Giffnock, just south of Glasgow. Henry and Ingrid Wuga: Holocaust survivors in their late 80s who had come to the UK on the Kindertransport when they were 15 and 14.

  • Holocaust survivor feels compelled to tell her story

    Norwich Bulletin – Henny Simon believes in the power of people to build bridges of friendship. These bridges can successfully unite people from all walks of life. If they fail, the unimaginable can happen, and Simon was a witness to it. Simon, 91, is a Holocaust survivor. She was a

  • The First Voices To Emerge from the Holocaust: David Boder’s Nightmarish Journey, Rediscovered

    Forward – It was a mysterious, mislabeled canister that sat for 50 years, undisturbed, in the University of Akron’s archives. But its recent discovery has provided a valuable addition to a precious trove of recordings: the earliest preserved voices of survivors of the Nazi concentration camps, just months after their