• Israeli Grandfather Who Thought Family Perished in Holocaust Discovers 500 New Relatives

    Haaretz – Growing up in Israel, Alex Kafri had always assumed that aside from his parents and sister, he was alone in this world. His mother’s entire family, he knew for a fact, had been wiped out during the Holocaust. Although his father never discussed the family members left behind

  • Former Auschwitz guard, 96, found fit to serve prison sentence

    Arutz Sheva – Prosecutors in the German state of Hanover say that a 96-year-old former Auschwitz guard is fit to serve a prison sentence. Oskar Groening was convicted and sentenced in July 2015 to four years in prison for his role in the murder of 300,000 Hungarian Jews at the

  • How the Nazis Deceived Dutch Jews Before Sending Them to the Death Camps

    Haaretz– Nothing about the footage that Rudolf Breslauer filmed here on May 30, 1944, suggests that it was taken inside one of Europe’s largest Nazi concentration camps. In the film by Breslauer, a German-Jewish inmate of the Westerbork camp in Holland’s northeast, prisoners are seen playing soccer enthusiastically in team uniforms,

  • Remembrance Wall connects B’nai Mitzvah kids to Holocaust, Israel

    Jewish Journal – Myrtle G. Sitowitz always has had a special place in her heart for Israel.  She moved from England to the Holy Land in the 1960s, performed in the theater in Tel Aviv and met her Bronx-born husband there before immigrating with him to Los Angeles. When it

  • Three Italian Brothers Try to Find the Cave They Lived in During the Holocaust

    JTA — Renting a house in the Italian countryside and eating loads of pasta is about as blissful a vacation as they come. For the three Anati brothers, however, such a trip is a reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust. Yet the brothers — Bubi, 77; Andrea, 85; and

  • Auschwitz Artifacts to Go on Tour, Very Carefully

    WARSAW — More than 72 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the first traveling exhibition about the Nazi death camp will begin a journey later this year to 14 cities across Europe and North America, bringing heartbreaking artifacts to multitudes who have never seen such horror up close. The endeavor

  • She Keeps Memory Of The Holocaust Alive — One Tchotchke At A Time

    The Forward – For the past 26 years, Susan Goldstein Snyder, a curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, has traveled across the U.S. and Europe meeting with survivors (and, increasingly, their children and grandchildren), listening to their stories, and persuading them to donate their artifacts to the museum.

  • Anti-Semitic Crime At Highest Recorded Level In British History, Study Finds

    Forward – (JTA) — Anti-Semitic crime has risen to its highest level in the United Kingdom, according to a new audit released by the Campaign Against Antisemitism. According to the National Antisemitic Crime Audit released on Sunday, anti-Semitic crime in 2016 rose 44 percent from 2014. The audit for 2016 registered

  • Holocaust Survivor Has Her Story Preserved, Thanks to LA Students

    Los Angeles Daily News – World War II. Eva Trenk was a young girl growing up in Czechoslovakia. Adolf Hitler already had invaded neighboring Poland and the situation in Trenk’s country was deteriorating when she and her family were forced from their home. “We had to pack some suitcases, and the

  • How These Teachers Learned To Teach The Holocaust

    Forward (JTA) — When Megan Corbin was in school, she learned about the Holocaust as an optimistic story. Her grade school, she said, “highlighted Anne Frank as the voice of hope, and that really wasn’t the reality.” Now, as an eighth-grade language arts teacher outside of Seattle, she teaches about victims,