A Small Blue Square with a Big Impact

Click on the video players below to view moving short Youtube videos videos presenting everyday instances of antisemitism, encouraging audiences to recognize hatred expressed toward Jews in order to stand up firmly against it.

The videos were created by the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism’s “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” campaign, to raise awareness about antisemitism and hatred against Jews.

International March of the Living proudly joins the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism’s “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” campaign. We encourage all people to post and share 🟦, the Blue Square emoji on everyone’s phone, as a symbol of solidarity against intolerance.

The blue square represents the American Jewish community, which is 2.4% of the U.S. population. Yet Jews are victim of 55% of all religious hate crimes in the United States. Let’s share this blue square to let them know they’re not fighting alone anymore.


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