Long Term Study 2008

The purpose of the Long-Term Study 2000 – 2008 survey is to understand the evolution of participants’ views, feelings and actions related to a wide range of issues, including Jewish identity, connection to Israel, Jewish communal involvement, social activism, commitment to human rights and other universal values.

The alumni from 2000 through 2008 were asked to participate in the survey. The survey results are representative of those who participated in the March of the Living from 2004 through 2008.

The report provides an in-depth view of the experience’s impact on the alumni and shows how the March of the Living goals have been achieved.

Jewish Identity, Faith & Practice

● With regard to their sense of Jewish identity, 88% of respondents agreed there was an increase in this feeling following the March of the Living.

● 61% felt an increase in the importance of their adherence to their Jewish faith after the March of the Living.

● Motivation to observe Jewish rituals showed an increase of 56% since their participation in the March of the Living.

● 84% said that the importance of educating their children in the Jewish faith increased after the March.

Jewish Community

● Motivation to participate in specific Jewish organizations received a 70% jump in ratings of importance following the March.

● Motivation to take part in activities related to general Jewish causes made significant gains after the March of the Living experience (73%). Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, Human Rights & Tolerance

● Virtually all respondents (95%) felt that the March of the Living made them feel well-prepared to counter the claims of Holocaust denial.

● 91% agreed that confronting Anti-Semitism became even more important after the trip.

● In the area of commitment to Human Rights (fighting genocide and combating general racism) a very high average increase of 89% was recorded since their participation in the March.

● 87% felt an increase in their feelings of tolerance for other groups after their experience of the March of the Living.


● 74% of March of the Living participants reported an increase in their desire to donate to Israel following the trip.

● 87% reported an increased desire to travel to Israel following the March.

● Almost two thirds of respondents reported that they had travelled to Israel since their participation in the March.

● The proportion of respondents showing a desire to move to Israel increased significantly as a result of the March of the Living experience.

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