• Annotated ‘Mein Kampf’ finds support and condemnation among Jewish leaders

    While Jewish groups in Germany have expressed concern over decision to publish ‘academic’ edition of Hitler’s book, some Jewish leaders in the United Kingdom and United States say the text could help defeat Neo-Nazism. A divisive decision to publish an annotated version of Adolf Hitler’s notorious anti-Semitic screed “Mein Kampf”

  • Watch Testimony Clips in New Book from the March of the Living

    A smartphone app makes it possible to view testimony clips from the Visual History Archive that are linked to the new book Witness: Passing the Torch of Holocaust Memory to New Generations. Witness is inspired by the United Nations’ touring photography exhibit “When You Listen to a Witness, You Become a Witness,”

  • Alumni Reflection: Mike Kaufmann, 1995

    THE PROLOGUE I went to Poland in April of 1995 on the March of the Living Tour.My intention was not to have an exhibition but to have photographs for my own use. I took along several cameras including black and white film, being the photographic medium of the time.There are a

  • Brazil’s Jews Honor Soccer Team That Helped Fight Nazis

    Jewish supporters paid tribute Sunday to a major Brazilian soccer club for supporting Brazil’s fight against the Nazis during World War II. Idish-Flu, a group of Jewish supporters of the Fluminense Football Club, led the celebration at the club headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, during which they lit the candles

  • Promo for 2016 March of the Living

  • Alumni Reflection: Ryan Leibowitz, 2015

    This past April, I embarked upon the March of the Living. Prior to the trip, I traveled by myself through Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. While I did not consciously design this portion of the trip to have a Jewish focus, I did make an effort to check out

  • Reflecting on Ezra Schwartz’s murder

    By Jack Rosenbaum I write this with heavy heart and compassion for family and friends of Ezra Schwartz in Sharon, Massachusetts and for the rest of “Am Yisrael”.  Yesterday, his life was violently cut short in one of the dastardly conceived attacks now being perpetrated by misguided Palestinian Arabs. There

  • Kristallnacht Film Forum draws 1,000 to see ‘Defiant Requiem’

    Ivy Dash, chair of this year’s 14th annual Kristallnacht Film Forum, first went on the March of the Living in 1990 as a junior in high school. The trip had a deep impact on Dash’s life. Dash said: “The experience of traveling to Poland and Israel with Jewish teens from

  • Most Meaningful Moments from Liz Pearl

    Tears and Pride at Auschwitz Back in February at the MOL Shabbaton with the students I experienced my first meaningful chaperoning experience. Following a dynamic session about sharing family legacies, a lovely girl in my small group approached me feeling very distraught. She expressed her anxiety about publically sharing the

  • Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat announced as Honorary Chairman of the ‘Campaign for the Future’

    ANNOUNCEMENT New York, NY – Monday, November 16, 2015 – The International March of the Living, a leading institution in Holocaust education, announced that Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat has been appointed as Honorary Chairman of the 'Campaign for the Future'. As a Special Advisor on Holocaust Issues, Eizenstat is committed to the