• Pnina Gutman: Who Am I, What Is My Name?

    By: Varda Epstein, The Huffington Post What would it feel like to have no family tree? To not know who your parents were, or where you come from? In so many ways, our families define us. For instance, my Asiatic eyes and fair coloring come from my father, but my

  • Pope Francis to ‘Pray at Auschwitz’ During 2016 Visit

    Haaretz   Pope Francis intends to stop at the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp when he visits Poland in July next year, Polish President Andrzej Duda said Monday. Speaking after a papal audience at the Vatican, Duda said Francis told him he wanted to go to Czestochowa, site of a 1939

  • My mother’s journey to survive

    My mother’s journey to survive Star columnist travels to his mother’s hometown where her family was slaughtered in the Holocaust Words and photos: Martin Regg Cohn, Columnist RAVA RUSKA, UKRAINE — This is where my mother’s family died in the Holocaust. And where Helen Edel found the will to live.

  • A Pilot and Holocaust Survivors, Bound by War’s Fabric, Are Reunited in Brooklyn

    By: Eve M. Kahn, The New York Times   Alan Golub, center, at a reunion last month in Brooklyn with some of the Hungarian women he helped as a pilot during World War II CreditKarsten Moran for The New York Times    You never know when a pistol pointed in wartime

  • How Plans To Build a Monument to Righteous Gentiles in Warsaw Fell Apart

    By: Liam Hoare, eJewish Philantrhopy     “From Those – You Saved” was a simple enough idea: a monument and memorial to Poland’s Righteous Among the Nations on the grounds of Warsaw’s Museum of the History of Polish Jews (POLIN). Originally to be built by autumn 2015, it has faced opposition

  • MOTL Film Captures Devotion Of Guide Dogs And Their Masters

        It’s amazing the impact a beloved animal can have on a person, even after 71 years. Max Eisen remembers the last time he saw his dog, Farkas, as if it was yesterday. The image is seared in his memory, and you can still hear the emotion in his

  • Rare Postcards From Warsaw Ghetto Surface in Poland

    By: Aimee Amiga, Haaretz   Living in London while her family was trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, Tamara Frymer had one line of communication with her beloved back home: postcards. At the time, all letters going in and out of the ghetto were heavily censored, and

  • Why These Jewish Teens Are Listening To The Stories Of Holocaust Survivors

    By: Antonia Blumberg, Huffington Post   Jewish teenagers in fifteen countries from around the globe will meet with Holocaust survivors on Nov. 6-7, for “A Shabbat to Remember.” The event, organized by Jewish youth organization BBYO, falls just days before the 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a wave of violent anti-Semitic attacks instigated by

  • Living Word from a Dead World

    By: Yardena Schwartz, Tablet When Tzipora Shapiro walked out the gates of Auschwitz on Jan. 27, 1945, the first thing she felt was guilt. Her father, grandfather, brothers, aunts, and uncles all died in the Lodz Ghetto, and when the Nazis transferred Shapiro and her mother to Auschwitz, she watched

  • Nuremberg Nazi Site Crumbles, but Tricky Questions on Its Future Persist

    New York Times, by Alison Smale NUREMBERG, Germany — In this city, the rallying point for Hitler, is the largest piece of real estate bequeathed by the Nazis, and a burden only increasing with time. First comes the sheer physical size: a parade ground bigger than 12 football fields. A semicircular