• A New Look at Japan’s Wartime Atrocities and a U.S. Cover-Up

    New York Times By DIDI KIRSTEN TATLOW Joy Chen is sitting on a bench outside a new museum about the medical atrocities committed by Japan’s Unit 731 in Manchuria during World War II, trying to absorb what she learned inside: After the war, the United States covered up Japan’s biological

  • MVFF38: Marin filmmakers tell personal story of the Holocaust in ‘Surviving Skokie’

    Marin Independent Journal, By Vicki Larson The dedication of a Holocaust museum in Illinois may be an unlikely inspiration for a documentary. But for Eli Adler of San Anselmo, a long-time award-wining cinematographer, it was the impetus to tell a story he didn’t even know he wanted to tell. The

  • Holocaust survivor shares story of Auschwitz concentration camp, liberation

    The Miami Hurricane, By Isabella Rosa Cendan Students in Professor Markus Zisselsberger’s First-Year Seminar in Literature were able to relive history on Tuesday, when a Holocaust survivor spoke with them about his experience during the Nazi regime. David Mermelstein, 86, was born in Kivjazd, Czechoslovakia in 1928. When he was 15,

  • Australia’s Jews Fume After PM Says ISIS Worse Than Nazis

    By: The Associated Press Australia’s prime minister angered some Jewish leaders on Thursday by suggesting that the Islamic State movement was worse than Nazis during World War II. It is the third time this year that gaffe-prone Prime Minister Tony Abbott has riled Jewish Australians with Nazi analogies. Abbott used

  • Art Therapy and the Creative Process of Healing: Workshops with Dr. Tsaphie Zohar-Stendel

    The Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa Blog by Guest Lecturers In the aftermath of the Holocaust, survivors and their descendants were faced with the challenge of coping with their past, and creating a new present and future. The coping methods and process of moving

  • Poland’s mixed feelings over memorial to rescuers

    By: Vanessa Gera                       WARSAW, Poland (AP) — As a Catholic Pole, Elka shouldn’t even have been in the ghetto of Czestochowa, in southern Poland. But the nanny was so devoted to the 12-year-old Jewish boy she had raised since

  • The more I learned, the less I understood by Tricia Schwitzer, 2015

    I am standing in the WIZO cafeteria, in a queue at the soup tureen. The lady in front of me ladles rich vegetable broth into her bowl and I do not need to pray that there will be sufficient vegetables left in the soup to sustain me. No, I don’t

  • Satirical Slap in the Face

    By: The Israel Opinion Op-ed: New German film ‘Look Who’s Back,’ which satirizes Hitler, should not have been made for same reasons Charlie Chaplin regretted making ‘The Great Dictator.’ In October, “Look Who’s Back”, a satire based on the bestselling novel by Timur Vermes, which describes Adolph Hitler’s return after

  • Is It Kosher to Invoke the Shoah in Politics

    By: Jodie Shupac, Canadian Jewish News The recent backlash against York Centre Conservative MP Mark Adler for noting in campaign literature and on his website that he’s the son of a Holocaust survivor raises larger questions about the appropriateness of referencing the Shoah in political and campaign rhetoric. Former Montreal-area

  • The secrets of Ukraine’s shameful ‘Holocaust of Bullets’ killing centre where 1.6million Jews were executed

    Please note, this is a text only version. To read the article with archival photographs (many of which contain graphic content), click here. The Daily Mail, By Will Stewart, August 24, 2015 Seventy years on from the end of the Second World War the full, shocking scale of the Nazi-inspired