A Night to Honor Noah Klieger


International March of the Living and Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) are honored to have hosted a special evening to honor a remarkable man, Noah Klieger – a Holocaust Survivor, courageous fighter, journalist and educator.

The event took place on 6th September 2016 (19:30pm) at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and included an exclusive screening of the documentary ‘Boxing For Life’, about Noah’s inspirational life story, produced by Uri Borreda, Shemi Shoenfeld and Amitan Menelzon.


The event was held in the presence of Rabbi Israel Meir Lau (Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Chairman of Yad Vashem), Gila Gamliel (Minister for Social Equality), Holocaust Survivors, Ambassadors and senior diplomats from over 25 countries, many young leaders and other dignitaries. President Reuven Rivlin also delivered a special video message on the night.

Noah, who just turned 90 years old, is a survivor of Auschwitz. During WWII, he fought with the Belgian Underground and French Resistance, helping smuggle Jewish children to safety.

In Auschwitz, Noah shared barracks with his longtime friend Elie Wiesel (z’l). He survived by claiming he was a boxer, a skill he did not have, but one he had no choice but to acquire if he wanted to live. It is this particular part of his life, from which the documentary derives its title.

klieger-jeuneFollowing the WWII, Noah was part of the famed voyage of the Exodus to Palestine in 1947. In 1948, he joined the IDF, fighting in the War of Independence. He then became a journalist, an area in which he is considered one of the founding fathers in Israel, writing to this very day, for an incredible 60 years!

Today, Noah has become one of the most powerful voices about the dangers of Anti-Semitism and lessons of the Holocaust. Having led over 150 delegations to Auschwitz, with everyone from heads of state, Israeli leaders and youth delegations, Noah says he has made it his “personal mission” to make sure that the world does not forget the 6 million Jews who perished.


Vladimir Sloutsker, IJC Co-Founder and President:

“It is the greatest of privileges to honor the incredible life of Noah Klieger, a man who has made it his personal mission to give voice to the 6 million Jews who no longer can. Noah’s story and personal journey in so many ways also reflects the very story of the founding and history of the State of Israel. It is a story of survival, of immense courage and bravery, inspiration, and above all, a tenacious fighting spirit.”noh-5

Aharon Tamir, ‘March of the Living’ Deputy Chairman:

“Noah has very many faces, but for us, International Mach of The Living World Organization, with its hundreds of thousand of participants, Noah has carried out and still carries on a special mission.

He travels with us to Poland and other places, meets our participants and makes their experience moving and touching, especially when he stands in Auschwitz, in its coarse soil, and tells his personal, authentic and human story.

When Noah speaks, all eyes are full of tears and everyone hold their breath. Noah’s outstanding personality, integrity, humanity and bravery – make’s all people believe that human spirit will never give up and never fail !

After 28 years of devoted activity with us – Noah is a full member of the March of the Living’s senior staff, and a corner stone in the mission we are carrying together – the Holy mission of: NEVER AGAIN!

The night to honor Noah was hosted by March of the Living and Israeli-Jewish Congress, together with the support of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, Adopt-A-Safta & Israel Forever Foundation.

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