• The American Papers that Praised Hitler

    They fell hard for the job-creating Führer with eyes that were like ‘blue larkspur.’ Why did so many journalists spend years dismissing the evidence of his atrocities? “The train arrived punctually,” a Christian Science Monitor report from Germany informed its readers, not long after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in

  • Roman Polanski, 10 other Hollywood Jews open up about surviving Holocaust

    The Hollywood Reporter is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust with a feature on 11 survivors who went on to careers in American entertainment. The project, released Wednesday morning online and in print, includes moving video interviews with all the subjects, including director Roman Polanski and sex therapist Ruth Westheimer.

  • Annotated ‘Mein Kampf’ finds support and condemnation among Jewish leaders

    While Jewish groups in Germany have expressed concern over decision to publish ‘academic’ edition of Hitler’s book, some Jewish leaders in the United Kingdom and United States say the text could help defeat Neo-Nazism. A divisive decision to publish an annotated version of Adolf Hitler’s notorious anti-Semitic screed “Mein Kampf”

  • Book Reveals New Info On FDR And Stephen Wise: An Interview with Historian Rafael Medoff

    Interview with Dr. Rafael Medoff, the founding director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies and author of 16 books about Jewish history and the Holocaust. His latest is “The Anguish of a Jewish Leader: Stephen S. Wise and the Holocaust” (available on Kindle from Amazon.com or as a free downloadable

  • Honoring the Moroccan King Who Saved the Jews

    The line to enter New York City’s B’nai Jeshurun synagogue on Sunday night went around the block. But the 700 people who crowded the sidewalk on West 88th street weren’t there for services. Or for a wedding. Or a late-night bar mitzvah. They came to celebrate a king — a

  • Hungary drops plan for statue to honour Second World War politician

    Plans to erect a statue of a former Hungarian minister who drafted antisemitic legislation during the Holocaust have been cancelled after protests. Second World War politician Balint Homan was partly responsible for drafting legislation in 1938 and 1939 to restrict the rights of Hungarian Jews. He served as minister of

  • Holocaust survivor helps Canada’s kidnapped aboriginals heal

    Octogenarian Robbie Waisman active in national effort to address 150 years of murder and abuse faced by First Nations children Robbie Waisman, a Holocaust survivor living in Vancouver, has a personal interest in the release earlier this week of the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

  • Brazil’s Jews Honor Soccer Team That Helped Fight Nazis

    Jewish supporters paid tribute Sunday to a major Brazilian soccer club for supporting Brazil’s fight against the Nazis during World War II. Idish-Flu, a group of Jewish supporters of the Fluminense Football Club, led the celebration at the club headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, during which they lit the candles

  • Polish security firm brings volunteers to help defend Israelis from terror

    The visit is part of the initiative of Benjamin Krasicki, president of the board of the Warsaw ­based City Security. One of Poland’s largest security firms brought to Israel 20 of its top experts to help prevent Palestinian terrorist attacks. The group arrived last week in Israel, where its members

  • Tibor Rubin Is Dead at 86; Medal of Honor Was Delayed by Anti-Semitism

    “When Corporal Rubin’s battalion found itself ambushed by thousands of Chinese troops,” the president said at a White House ceremony, “the Americans’ firepower soon dwindled to a single machine gun. The weapon was in an exposed position and three soldiers had already died manning it. That was when Corporal Rubin