Act Against Holocaust Trivialization

Join the Global Call to Treat Holocaust Distortion as Hate Speech

Holocaust trivialization desecrates the memory of the victims of the Nazi genocide and fuels contemporary antisemitism. The time is now to stand together against this rising trend and stop the spread of hate before it is too late.

March of the Living Holocaust Survivors Speak Against the Growing Trend of Holocaust Trivialization

Having experienced the unique horrors of the Holocaust firsthand, survivors of the Nazi genocide know how quickly bigoted words can turn into antisemitic violence.

Share these powerful messages of survivors defending their dignity and speaking out against Holocaust trivialization.

How You Can Take Action Against Holocaust Trivialization

1. Sign the global petition calling for Holocaust trivialization to be treated as hate speech.

Add your name to the petition which will be delivered to leading decision makers and internet giants.

2. Speak out on social media and share the #CantBeCompared Campaign with your friends and family.

Use the power of social media to join the thousands around the world who are already standing up to Holocaust trivialization.