Private Tour of the Y.A. Fine Art Gallery in Jerusalem

On August 25, 2021 the International March of the Living hosted a private tour of the Y.A. Fine Art Gallery in Jerusalem, featuring March of the Living alumni and gallery founders, Yehoshua Aryeh and Jordyn Stauber.

Yehoshua Aryeh and Jordyn Stauber met during the 2015 March of the Living and the rest, as they say, is history. Three years later they married and moved to Israel – traveling the land with Yehoshua’s camera and keen photographic eye. The dream to show Eretz Yisrael’s beauty and diversity, through Yehoshua’s photographs, culminated in the creation of the Y.A. Fine Art Gallery in Jerusalem. Join Yehoshua and Jordyn as they invite us for a virtual tour of their gallery and see Israel in a whole new lens.

Jordyn Katz and Yehoshua Stauber met while participating on the 2015 March of the Living with the Broward Delegation. After Jordyn’s graduation from the University of Pennsylvania and Yehoshua’s from Yeshiva University, the young couple married, made Aliyah and in keeping with Yehoshua’s passion and skill as an avid and accomplished photographer, opened the Y.A. Fine Art Gallery in Jerusalem. Their presentation includes a reflection of the importance of their March experience and a tour of their captivating gallery as well as an explanation of his photographs and the meaning of how they not only capture the physical beauty of the Land of Israel, but how they reflect the inner beauty of her soul.

Learn more about the Stauber’s by reading their March of the Living Alumni Spotlight here