The Destruction of the Lithuanian Jews – The Ponary Massacre with Jacob Shoshan

From June 1941 to July 1944, over 75,000 people, mostly Jews, were brought to Ponary, a once idyllic forested area located south of Vilna, and brutally shot and buried in open pits thus creating Lithuania’s largest mass grave.

Join Jacob Shoshan, esteemed and highly sought-after International March of the Living guide and historian for a compelling account of the destruction of the Lithuanian Jewish community and the description of what occurred during the Ponary Massacre.

Jacob was born in Jerusalem, and is a licensed tour guide, a teacher and lecturer for Tour Guide College – Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, and Everyman’s University, Tel Aviv. Jacob is also a Senior Tour Director & Lecturer for the Geographical Society, Israel. He has visited 107 countries and led tours in 66 countries on all 6 continents. He is fluent in many languages and presents in-depth discussions on Jewish History, Philosophy and Culture. His background covers Holocaust Studies, Sephardi Jewish Heritage and Jewish Musicology.