March of the Living alumni feature prominently in new ad combatting antisemitism

New Ad Combatting Antisemitism Released by FCAS – Foundation to Combat Antisemitism:
March of the Living Alumni Feature Prominently in Moving Piece

Please see link to “Neighbors”, a moving ad about antisemitism that recently screened at the Oscars on Sunday, March 10.

The ad is drawn from a true account of an American synagogue that was evacuated after receiving a bomb threat during a Bat Mitzvah. The neighboring Evangelical Church then gave their space for the Jewish congregation to hold the celebration.

The director of the 60 second ad is Jon Weiman whose grandfather, Holocaust survivor Ernie Weiss, took part in the 2008 March of the Living. (See excerpt below from Witness: Passing the Torch of Holocaust Remembrance to New Generations about his experience on the March.) The ad also features Rabbi Michael Dolgin and Rabbi Cantor Aviva Rajsky, both of whom participated in past March of the Living programs.

The ad was sponsored by the FCAS (Foundation to Combat Antisemitism), dedicated to combating antisemitism through positive messaging and partnerships, founded by philanthropist Robert Kraft. The ad is part of the FCAS “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” campaign.

You can see more Stand Up to Jewish Hate’s powerful commercials here: https://www.standuptojewishhate.org/stand-up-videos/

“International March of the Living is pleased to support the work of FCAS in its critically important campaign to combat antisemitism and all forms of intolerance”, said Phyllis Greenberg Heideman, President, International March of the Living.

In the past, as part of International March of the Living’s strategic partnership with the Stand Up to Jewish Hate campaign, every participant on the March was given a 🟦pin on the day of the March and encouraged to post and share 🟦 on social media.

The Blue Square emoji is a symbol of solidarity against intolerance. The 🟦 takes up 2.4% of various screens and represents the fact that Jews make up 2.4% of the U.S. population, yet are the victims of 55% of religious-based hate crimes in the United States. The campaign is designed to draw attention to this disparity and empower all Americans to help fight growing antisemitism in the United States and around the world. Blue Square🟦 pins can be ordered here: https://www.fcas.org/pins/

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