United We Stand: Black Soldiers Liberating Hitler’s Camps/Jewish Activists in Civil Rights Movement

International March of the Living condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent mass shooting targeting the black community in Buffalo, NY. We note with shock and dismay, how the fanatical gunman quoted the racist and antisemitic Great Replacement conspiracy theory, promoted by white nationalists in the United States and around the world.

At our recent 2022 March of the Living ceremony in Auschwitz-Birkenau on Yom Hashoah, members of different faiths, religions and backgrounds – Jews, Christians and Muslims – marched together against all forms of prejudice and hatred.

During the ceremony, we noted with gratitude and pride how African American soldiers helped liberate Jews from Hitler’s camps, and how Jews played a prominent role in the 1960’s Civil Rights movement. We shared stories of Ukrainians who helped Jews during the Holocaust and how today Israel and the Jewish world are helping with rescue efforts in Ukraine. Toward the ceremony’s end, a torch was lit representing tolerance and peace, by Eitan Neishlos, grandchild of Holocaust survivors and H. E. Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori of the United Arab Emirates, founder of the first Holocaust Memorial Gallery in the Arab world.

As we condemn this heinous act of hatred and violence against African Americans in Buffalo, we ask you to join International March of the Living in our fight against all forms of hatred, intolerance and bigotry and help us spread the light of tolerance, love and respect to all of God’s children.