The March of the Living Will Continue to March

Thursday February 8, 2018 – Since its passing, many voices have been raised in opposition to the Polish government’s recent bill regulating Holocaust speech.

International March of the Living has already issued a statement opposing this legislation, arguing instead for an open discussion and dialogue on all aspects related to the history of the Holocaust in Poland and Europe, which is also the position of the government of Israel.

International March of the Living Is an international educational program which, for 30 years, has effected a profound impact on more than 250,000 participants. On each trip, the survivors share their precious stories, in the very places they transpired, with their students who commit to becoming the bearers of their memories.

In 2018, the March of the Living will continue to March.

Like in years before, more than 12,000 participants, Jews and non-Jews alike, including thousands of non-Jewish Polish students, and students from other nations, will take part in the passing the torch of memory from survivors to the next generation.

“We believe it is our sacred responsibility to carry the torch of Holocaust memory and we remain committed to teaching the importance of understanding the past as a means of protecting the future. Now, as much as ever, we believe our mission is of the utmost importance”, said Phyllis Greenberg Heideman, International March of the Living President.

Since the inception of the March of the Living, great progress has been made in the arena of Polish-Jewish relations and in the relationship between Poland and the State of Israel, a development the March of the Living has played an important role in.

We are hopeful that the governments of Israel and Poland will find a way to solve the current impasse, so that we can continue with our vital educational activities, teaching the history and lessons of the Shoah, and thereby helping build a more tolerant and compassionate world for all members of the human family.


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