“The barbarism of Hamas equals and almost surpasses what I experienced in the Holocaust.” Nate Leipciger, Auschwitz Holocaust survivor

“The barbarism of Hamas equals and almost surpasses what I experienced in the Holocaust.” Nate Leipciger, a Holocaust survivor from the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, who now lives in Canada

Nate accompanies delegations of the March of the Living to Poland and tells the young people about what happened, and the lessons that are important to learn from the Holocaust. Nate, like many Holocaust Survivors, was horrified by the harsh sights of the brutal Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on 7/10 and he wanted to share his feelings:

“All what is happening is beyond imagination and too horrible to understand. I am very troubled by this and am struggling to retain my equilibrium. The worst pogrom since the Shoah. My optimism is shattered. We must collectively feel the pain felt by parents whose child is abducted and threatened with death. Hamas’s barbarism is equal and almost exceeds what I experienced during the Shoah. I fear the worst and try to steel myself to go on, fighting against all odds for an acceptable outcome. We need everyone and especially our friends to support Israel in this unprecedented fight against the most vile evil. My only hope lies with my conviction that we will prevail.”

International March of the Living is utterly shocked by the terrible events that took place in Israel on 7/10. We were all horrified by the sheer intensity of hatred and the murderous violence of the terrorist organization Hamas.

The fact that Jews, children, women, elderly and men, entire families, were burned alive in their homes, in their beds, 80 years after the Holocaust is simply unimaginable. The world has clearly not learned the lessons of the Holocaust.

Pure evil has once again been revealed before our very eyes in all its might. Beheadings, rape, abuse of living people and corpses; cruelty and barbarism on par with the Nazis. At the same time, we are similarly concerned and outraged by the rising antisemitism in the world in recent weeks and we call on the heads of state to take it seriously. Jews are once again being attacked all over the world. This cannot be tolerated.

As an educational organization, our mission to educate against hatred and antisemitism is now more important than ever.