• ‘My survival journey’: Holocaust survivor Irene Miller

    **This story has been corrected to say the name of Miller’s memoir is “Into No Man’s Land” and Miller and her family left the Siberian labor camp after the war ended and she and her sister went to an orphanage after the war. Not one of the of nearly 70 members

  • How I Reunited My Holocaust Survivor Father With His Long Lost Neighbor

    Jerzy “Jurek” Skarżyński had been up half the night. The next day he was going to meet the daughter and grandson of a Jewish man who once lived in Uchanie, his home village, and his mind would not slow down. Jurek, a Polish Christian, had not spoken to an Uchanie

  • Students learn from survivors

    Miami-Dade College students were inspired by courageous stories that Holocaust survivors shared with them in round table discussions. This took place at MDC‘s North Campus during a recent Student Awareness Day presented by the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center (HDEC). There were 130 students who heard discussions from approximately 13

  • Holocaust survivors’ 3D project preserves testimony for the future

    Steven Frank, 81, sits in a red leather button-back armchair, answering questions from schoolchildren. “What was the first thing that made you smile after the Holocaust?” A cup of tea made with sweetened condensed milk, says Frank; it was “nectar from the gods”. Another asks: can you forgive? Frank says:

  • Holocaust jacket found at tag sale leads to a life story

    The blue and grey stripes struck Jillian Eisman like a lightning bolt. She was rummaging through a packed closet during a Long Island tag sale when she immediately recognized the symbol of horror and hate: a jacket worn by a prisoner at the Nazi Dachau concentration camp during World War

  • Honoring Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust Witness Who Kept a Memory Alive

    Five months after his death, Elie Wiesel’s family gathered in DC on Wednesday with prominent political figures from the writer and Nobel laureate’s adopted country to honor his contributions to Jewish history and memory. Mr. Wiesel was born in Romania, survived the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps and spent considerable time

  • ‘It belongs to everyone’: Late POW’s diary donated to Holocaust Museum

    A diary belonging to World War ll veteran Lt. Harry Reuse was found by his family in his footlocker at his McHenry home after he died at age 90 in 2006. The veteran pilot’s seven children and stepchildren said they had no idea the diary existed, but after reading through

  • How A Veteran And Holocaust Survivor Found Love 45 Years Later

    No doubt Paul Rothman and Geraldine Rosen both endured some incredibly difficult times during World War II. But if it hadn’t been for fate, they might not have met. And yet nearly 50 years after the war ended, the two finally crossed paths, making for a love story for the

  • ‘Maybe this is a prison:’ Holocaust survivor shares her story and pleads for communication

    They traveled for hours on the railroad squeezed tightly into cattle cars, thinking they would travel for six or seven hours and arrive in Germany. When the train finally stopped 3 1/2 days later, Renée Firestone was among the thousands of people who poured out of the cattle cars where

  • Sarah Mizrachi running NYC Marathon to help Irene Hizme, a Holocaust survivor living in Long Island

    Some people run the New York City Marathon for the experience. Others do it to beat their best time. But Sarah Mizrachi is doing it for a Holocaust survivor. Mizrachi, a 22-year-old med student at Albert Einstein College in the Bronx, has been training for her first marathon to help