• Book reveals moving images of survivors on Holocaust memorial day

    Mirjam Finkelstein thinks of herself as a person first and a survivor last (Picture: Harry Borden) On this day, 72 years ago, the largest Nazi concentration camp was finally liberated. Overall, six million Jews died – 1.1 million of which, perished in Auschwitz alone. Moving stories from survivors on Holocaust memorial day


    JPost – Brooklyn’s haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community is set to get a unique Holocaust museum this year that will focus on a theme particularly relevant to them – perspectives of observant Jewish communities during WWII. American businessman and philanthropist Elly Kleinman is the brains behind the new Amud Aish Memorial Museum,

  • Telling the Holocaust story of a grandmother who refused to speak

    Haaretz – In recounting the harrowing experiences of his grandmother during the Holocaust for an ambitious new book project, Israeli author Yuval Yareach faced a daunting challenge: He had hardly ever spoken to her about it. By the time he set out on his mission to turn Manja Wolfgang’s life

  • Lilly Weds Ludwig in a White Dress After All

    Haaretz – On January 27, 1946, Ludwig Friedman and Lilly Lax were married. They celebrated their nuptials in Celle, a small city in Germany whose distinctions were that it had a synagogue that had survived the depredations of Nazism and the destruction of World War II, and that it was

  • Spotlight on Holocaust Survivor Max Eisen

    Macleans – Max Eisen was barely 15 when the gendarmes came for him and his family in March 1944. He had been born into a large and prosperous Jewish family in 1929, in what was then Czechoslovakia, but in the dismemberment of that country in early 1939, their part had fallen

  • Paul Ornstein, Psychoanalyst and Holocaust Survivor, Dies at 92

    New York Times – Having barely survived the Holocaust, Paul and Anna Ornstein might have been among the least likely converts to an evolving psychoanalytical movement that views the world more positively than traditional Freudian analysis does. Yet the couple, who met as teenagers in Hungary, transcended their own trauma. They were

  • Silent children of the Holocaust making their voices heard

    The Holocaust is often told as the story of loss, quantified by concrete numbers, specific dates, sites of persecution and searing images that scorch our collective psyche. But to a group of survivors known as the “hidden children,” the Holocaust is far more diffuse and elusive. It lurks in the

  • Noah Klieger, z”l, Keynote Speaker at the UN, Jan 27, 2017

    On January 27, 2017, Noah Klieger, z”l, was the Keynote Speaker at the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony on the occasion of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Read more about Noah HERE.

  • Surviving the Holocaust: ‘I didn’t allow any hatred to grow. But I don’t blame those who did’

    Among the horrors that Primo Levi quietly and even matter-of-factly documents in If This Is A Man – that greatest of all accounts of incarceration in a Nazi death camp – is a dream of invisibility. Not invisibility in the here-and-now of camp life, which might have been welcomed, but

  • Holocaust survivors fund to receive $63 million

    Funds yielded from sale of Bank Leumi shares held by Holocaust Restitution Company of Israel as part of legal settlement which nearly doubled shares’ value • Additional benefits to be paid to survivors in need starting this month. The Holocaust Restitution Company of Israel on Tuesday announced plans to allocate