• ‘I don’t know the secret’: Holocaust survivor named ‘world’s oldest living man’

    A 112-year-old Polish man who survived two World Wars and the Auschwitz concentration camp has been confirmed as the world’s oldest living man. Born in Poland on September 15th, 1903, 112-year-old Israel Kristal was on the brink of death when he was rescued in May of 1945 at the age

  • A symbol for an entire generation of heroes

    President Rivlin says goodbye to the last survivor from Treblinka, Samuel Willenberg; ‘The story of his life is the eternal story of the Jewish people,’ the president eulogizes. I stand here today awestruck. Before your freshly dug grave, Samuel. Before your courage and spirit. In the face of such heroism,

  • The Last Train Before the War

    There is a photograph of my father and grandfather, taken on Sunday, Aug. 27, 1939, at a spot overlooking the Rhine above the Lorelei Rock, where the chasm of the river tightens and the quickened flow makes a murmuring sound, which has mystical resonance for the Germans. My dad had

  • Holocaust Survivors Struggle To Prove Their Cases as Claims Conference Cracks Down

    Seventy-eight-year-old Izrail Gelman received $70,000 in Holocaust restitution payments from the German government over nearly 20 years. Now, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which distributed the money, is demanding it all back. He has until March 10 to make the payment. “He has no way to pay,”

  • Holocaust Survivor Magda Brown Shares Story of Loss, Hope and Faith

    Photo 1: Magda Brown speaks to students at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Plainfield. Photo 2: Magda Brown posts for a photo. Photo 3: Brown answers questions from students. PLAINFIELD, IL — If you were to meet 88-year-old Magda Brown just walking down the street, her tragic past would

  • Torn from her family, Holocaust survivor spent her life making a new one

    To Helen Handler, the most important thing was family. I think it’s the first thing she would have wanted me to write about her, even before I told you that she died on Tuesday at the age of 87. Family was that important to her. Helen Handler was just 15

  • Death of last Treblinka survivor points to post-Holocaust witness era

    MOSHAV UDIM, Israel — The death of 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Samuel Willenberg marks the passing of the last link to the notorious death camp of Treblinka, perhaps the most vivid example of Nazi Germany’s attempt to destroy European Jewry. But the death of Willenberg, who was buried Monday, also symbolizes

  • But You Did Not Come Back review – a Holocaust survivor’s love letter to her father

    Marceline Loridan-Ivens was 15 when, in April 1944, she was arrested along with her father by the Nazis and sent from occupied France to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Marceline would make it home. Her father would not. But You Did Not Come Back is Loridan-Ivens’s extraordinary, unflinching and deeply moving memoir of the

  • Holocuast Survivors Build Life On Love In Montreal

    After rebuilding their lives in Canada following the Holocaust, Ernest and Ella Ehrman travel into the dark past – to help light the way for generations to come. On a snowy day in Montreal, Ella and Ernest Ehrman sit side by side at the long dining table in their living

  • A child Holocaust survivA child Holocaust survivor speaksor speaks

    Despite spending a significant part of his childhood in a Nazi concentration camp, Robert Narev holds no animosity towards the German people of today. Narev spoke at Expressions this week, at The Shadows of Shoah exhibition. The exhibition is photographer Perry Trotter’s attempt to reflect the humanity behind the Holocaust’s