• New voices add to history of Holocaust

    A LOT has been written about the horrors of Auschwitz and the suffering of its victims. Yet in the eyes of Israeli historian Gideon Greif, the body of literature on Auschwitz cannot be considered complete without a reference to the Jews who worked in that factory of death. His research

  • Survivor tells of life as a child during Holocaust

    Holocaust survivor Alex Buckman shared traumatic stories from his childhood during a presentation for students Tuesday at South Delta Secondary. Buckman, originally from Brussels, was born Oct. 31, 1939. Ten months later the Nazis invaded Belgium. “Then everything changed for my family,” he said. He explained how, for his protection,

  • ‘Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females’

    Tribeca artist Linda Stein creates big, heroic tapestries made of scavenged black leather, elaborate brass buckles, historic artifacts, news articles etched into fabric, and metallic zippers that rip across her work like sewn-up wounds. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the dark, discarded, and resurrected materials, but there’s a more

  • Helping Holocaust survivors helps all of us

    Sam and Frieda grew up in the same city in Poland, but they met walking down the same street at a displaced persons camp in Germany in 1946. “I noticed her right away,” Sam Weinreich said, looking at Frieda as if he was seeing her for the first time. “I

  • 2 Holocaust Survivors Turn to Art to Reclaim Lost Lives

    The collage artist Ruth Jacobsen, 83, and the handbag designer Judith Leiber, 95, both Holocaust survivors, have relied on the creative process and a strong-willed entrepreneurial spirit to reclaim their lives and break glass ceilings for women in the United States. For decades, Ms. Jacobsen kept a family photo album

  • Holocaust movie profiles American bravery

    BOCA RATON, Fla. —It’s a story that sounds straight from Hollywood: Two Americans fly bravely into Nazi Germany and rescue 50 Jewish children. Even the man telling the story didn’t believe it was true initially. “To be honest, I didn’t believe a word of what I was reading,” said Steven

  • 57,000 Tripping Stones Honor Holocaust Victims Across Europe, but This One’s Personal

    For us, it was the first time. For him, it was somewhere closer to his 57,000th time. Artist Gunter Demnig has dedicated his professional career to placing memorial plaques in front of thousands of European homes, from which Jews, Sinti, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other persecuted minorities were expelled. He began

  • Olga Horak, Holocaust survivor: Heart of the Nation

    Clothes are important to Olga Horak. A self-taught seamstress, she was in the rag trade all her working life, running a factory and a fashion boutique in Sydney. Even now, at 89, she designs and makes her own dresses — “I’m very fussy,” she explains, “and all the beautiful clothes

  • Holocaust Children Share Survival Stories

    Local students got a living history lesson Wednesday when two child survivors of the Holocaust visited Greeneville to share their stories. Nearly 1,100 middle and high school students from Greeneville, Greene County, Kingsport and Washington County filled the Niswonger Performing Arts Center for the East Tennessee Holocaust Conference, which featured

  • Holocaust survivor still a fighter at 91

    If you ask 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Albert Rosa to take a couple of jabs in the boxing ring, he would probably oblige. Rosa, who loves the sport of boxing, spent much of his life fighting, especially during World War II. “I love to box,” Rosa said. “My brother taught me