I n the spring of 2014, the filmmaker Kahane Cooperman was driving to work, listening to WQXR, the classical-music station, when she heard a promotion for a donation drive: the station was collecting used instruments to be given to schoolchildren. The promo mentioned one violin in particular that had been

  • 80-year-old dad who survived Holocaust gets ultimate surprise by John McEnroe

    When Les Held was 6 years old, he and his family were sent to a concentration camp. But each time the Nazis tried to kill him, he cheated death. Despite going through those hardships as a little boy, Held went on to live a life filled with optimism and joy.

  • There’s A Reason This Holocaust Survivor Goes Back To His Synagogue In Greece Every Summer

    “I promised myself that no matter where I wound up, I would return to Rhodes every summer to say ‘never again.’” “Never again,” 86 year-old Auschwitz survivor Sami Mondiano says, calmly yet firmly, as he addresses a group of tourists in the Kahal Shalom synagogue on the Greek island of Rhodes.

  • Joseph Harmatz, Who Led Jewish Plot to Kill Germans After World War II, Dies at 91

    Imagine a real-life version of “Inglourious Basterds,” Quentin Tarantino’s quixotic movie about Jewish avengers in World War II — but in this case involving a plot by a band of refugees to kill millions of Germans just after the war by poisoning their water supply. The plot, which targeted five

  • World’s Oldest Working Journalist, 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Noah Klieger, Fears Nazi Genocide Will Be Forgotten in 50 Years

    One of Israel’s best-known Holocaust survivors told a packed audience in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening about his genuine fear that the Nazi genocide will not be remembered 50 years from now. Noah Klieger expressed this concern at an event that doubled as the release of a documentary film about his having staved off

  • Holocaust Survivor Has One Regret About Hunting Nazis

    (AP) TEL AVIV, Israel — Seventy years after the most daring attempt of Jewish Holocaust survivors to seek revenge, the leader of the plot has only one simple regret — that to his knowledge, he didn’t actually kill any Nazis. Joseph Harmatz is one of the few remaining Jewish “Avengers”

  • Holocaust survivor Max Steinmetz shares his harrowing story, and says ‘anything can happen’ today

    [huge_it_slider id=”3″]  Roy S. Johnson | rjohnson@al.com It’s not always easy to talk about history—not the most wrenching and shameful periods, the heinous events and people without conscience that have high-jacked us and ripped us apart over the centuries. It’s especially hard for those who witnessed it, endured it and

  • A Night to Honor Noah Klieger

    International March of the Living and Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) are honored to have hosted a special evening to honor a remarkable man, Noah Klieger – a Holocaust Survivor, courageous fighter, journalist and educator. The event took place on 6th September 2016 (19:30pm) at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and included an exclusive screening

  • Raoul Wallenberg’s Journey From Grocery Salesman to Holocaust Hero

    Ingrid Carlberg’s richly detailed ‘Raoul Wallenberg: The Biography’ presents fresh facts about the Swede who saved so many Jews, but is unable to answer the gnawing question surrounding his fate in Soviet custody. “Raoul Wallenberg: The Biography,” by Ingrid Carlberg, MacLehose Press, 640 pp., $29.99 Two great mysteries surround the

  • Holocaust Survivor Who Cut Hair at Auschwitz Closes Chicago Barber Shop After 60 Years in Business

    A Holocaust survivor whose task it was to cut the hair of concentration-camp prisoners closed his Chicago barber shop after serving the local community for 60 years, local news site DNAinfo reported. Ben “The Barber” Scheinkopf, 96, posted a sign on the door of his California Avenue establishment, saying that with “great regret” he was retiring, due