• “If Not Now, When?” Holocaust Survivor Population Dwindling, Living in Poverty

    The Israel Welfare Ministry and Finance Ministry’s Authority for Holocaust Survivors’ Rights approximates that there are 60,000 Holocaust survivors living today in Israel below the poverty line. This means that they cannot afford nutritious food, proper housing, medical care or winter heating. “Nutrition for the poor and elderly is our

  • Holocaust survivors walk the red carpet in Israel beauty pageant

    Their hair styled and make-up applied, a group of elderly women carefully take to a red carpet catwalk, waving, blowing kisses and posing for pictures to cheering crowds. Wearing dresses adorned with sashes, the women strut down the runway, at times assisted, for the fourth Holocaust survivors’ beauty pageant, a

  • Looking for the light in the dark: A Holocaust survivor’s story

    Shimon Redlich, 81, sees his childhood through a complicated prism – through the interplay between Jewish, Ukrainian and Polish relations in wartime Brzezany. As a Jew who survived the Holocaust in the formerly Polish, now Ukrainian town, Redlich’s own memories can only provide the angle of the Jewish axis. But

  • Germany Confronts, in Unique Exhibit, Its ‘Holocaust of the Bullets’

    BERLIN — In this city laden with history, they were just two events recalling a heinous past: one, the opening of a public exhibition calling for a reckoning with a particularly brutal period of the Nazis’ rule; and the other, a modest remembrance of one Holocaust victim. Both channeled questions

  • Portraits Depicting Siblings of South Jersey Holocaust Survivors Part of Exhibit at Stockton

    Galloway, N.J. – Distant memories and faded photographs are now more vivid and permanent for seven South Jersey Holocaust survivors whose siblings, murdered by the Nazis, were artistically rendered as 5-foot charcoal portraits drawn by international artist Manfred Bockelmann. He drew the survivors’ siblings from photographs provided by the Sara and

  • Stories from Holocaust prisoners forced to work in the gas chambers should be heard, not silenced

    On October 7 1944, a group of prisoners in Auschwitz-Birkenau took up tools and stones and attacked their SS guards. Some attempted to flee, others ran into a nearby building and set it on fire. Another section of their group stationed some half mile away killed a kapo, or prisoner-overseer,

  • Women who escaped Nazi Germany reunited after “six degrees of separation”

    Two women who escaped from Nazi Germany in World War II have discovered a new connection. Their separate family histories are told in stories and documents that come from a time when communities and countries were torn apart. But more than 80 years into life, their remarkable reunion was an

  • Two Holocaust survivors and their ‘wish of a lifetime’

    WASHINGTON (WUSA9) – They called it, “the wish of a lifetime.” Two elderly survivors of the Holocaust had always dreamed of a chance to visit the museum dedicated to the memories of their murdered families. Now Albert Maidenbaum, 89, and Esther Maidenbaum, 80, have finally fulfilled that dream. On Friday,

  • French student credits Holocaust survivor for changing his life in new film

    When Leon Zyguel visited a French classroom eight years ago to tell the story of how he survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald, he probably hoped the students would listen and remember. But Zyguel, who died in 2015, got more than he expected from the unruly students at Lycee Leon Blum in

  • Jewish-American ex-sailor recalls Cyprus internment with Holocaust survivors

    Anger gripped Murray Greenfield when he found himself locked up in a British detention camp with hundreds of Jewish refugees after WWII NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Seventy years later, Murray Greenfield can still remember the anger he felt when he was locked up with hundreds of Jewish Holocaust survivors in