March of the Living Statement on Holocaust Education in Moroccan School System

The International March of the Living applauds the recent announcement of King Mohammed VI to introduce Holocaust education into the school system of Morocco.

By incorporating Holocaust studies into the high school curriculum, King Mohammed leads his country in taking a major step toward addressing and combatting antisemitism. We know that by teaching the history of the past, Moroccan society will be armed with not only an understanding of the evils of antisemitism but moreover with the education to avoid falling victim to the same destructive and negative ills of society. Knowledge is power and with that power comes the ability to preserve truth and memory of the past while protecting hope, justice and human dignity for the future.

“As the face of antisemitism is on the rise throughout the world today, we consider King Mohammed’s bold decision to introduce Holocaust education as an essential teaching tool against antisemitism. This is a brave and important step toward forging a greater respect for the education of our young people on the matters of baseless intolerance and hatred and the need to combat them whenever and wherever they may occur. The battle against antisemitism can be won in the classroom, and as a teaching institution dedicated to that goal, the International March of the Living thanks King Mohammed for opening the doors of Holocaust education in his country”, said Phyllis Greenberg Heideman, President.


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