International March of the Living Responds to Worldwide Antisemitic Attacks: ‘Jewish Blood is Being Shed with Impunity’

Responding to a spate of serious antisemitic attacks seen in recent days, the International March of the Living released today the following statement:

“The attack on the ‘Adas Torah’ synagogue in Los Angeles and the targeting of Jews there, as well as the attacks on synagogues in Russia, the shocking rape of a Jewish girl in France last week, and the daily threats to Jews worldwide, all lead to one grim conclusion: Jewish blood is cheap. Anti-Semitism has become normalized and attacks against Jews have become normalized. Since October 7, Jews have been forced to conceal Jewish symbols; on university campuses, they have been advised not to attend classes and to study remotely; and on the New York subway, Zionists have been told to get off the train. These are all attempts to intimidate and push Jews out of the public sphere – a phenomenon we know all too well from history. We call on the authorities in countries across the world to come to their senses quickly because Jewish blood is being shed with impunity.”

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