MOTL Partnerships for Alumni Relations: Project6Million

MOTL is partnering to bring a new alumni follow-up process to every participant and supporter this year and beyond. Project6Million, started by alumni from the 2011 Cincinnati MOTL Delegation, brings a unique but shared way for every Marcher to extend the impact of their powerful moment into action toward a world where tolerance trumps hate… and connect our voices together. In this online process, Marchers upload a text of photo statement (via computer tablet or phone) during MOTL to express and capture the power of their experience, as P6M shares it out for them and connects them to all the other alumni and upstanders doing the same all over the world. Then every participant’s own statement is sent back to them personally in intervals – in 2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, etc. with the question of “What does it stir in you now?” and invitation to take it further, add to their statement, and have it live in their actions. In this new partnership with P6M, MOTL is extending the impact of Marchers’ initial awareness and connecting them to one another in shared commitment to acting on it. P6M is a bridge from the transformative experience and emotion of MOTL to an empowering way to communicate, take acphototion, stay connected to their MOTL experience and community, and make it multiply in their lives long after the moment.

The Project6Million team joined MOTL in Poland to meet with several delegations, address all Marchers as the Yom Hashoah ceremony began, and hand out 10,000 blue bracelets at the Yom Hashoah ceremony that say “MOTL 2014 • Make a moment to Take a stand…”

With every Marcher, supporter and alumni making a statement, our collective voices and commitments can shape a different future beyond never again. Make your statement now…


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