• San Diego H.S. seniors share reactions to March of Living

    SAN DIEGO — Two San Diego teens who participated in the March of the Living earlier this year–in which a visit to the German Nazi concentration camps in Poland is followed by a trip to Israel — reflected on the first of these experiences in these articles below. Questions about

  • Alumni Reflection: Dalia Wlosko, Argentina, 2016

    This experience has been extremely intense, difficult at times, painful but necessary. A trip that changes your outlook on the world, on the human being, and that definitely does not end when you return to your country. Knowing Israel was pure emotion, I felt I had been there. Hebraica Argentina,

  • Teens Forever Changed by March of the Living

    The 99 Broward County high school grade 11 and 12 students who returned May 16 from the 14-day March of the Living program met with their parents May 19 at the Posnack Jewish Community Center in Davie to discuss their feelings and observations of the MOTL program. The phrase “I

  • BJE LA MOTL 2016 Travel Blog

    Day 1 – We arrived! LA Arrives en masse! The Los Angeles delegation of the March of the Living arrived in Warsaw, safe and sound. After 5 flights out of LAX, connecting flights out of Chicago and New York, our delegation of 257 students, staff and survivors arrive in Warsaw’s

  • At March of the Living, learning how to live

    Sophie Wortsman. 16. Toronto. Student. Benji Zoller. 18. Dallas. Student. Sam Peltz. 83. Florida and New York. Survivor. Jacob Kamaras. 30. Houston. Journalist. We all shared the same experience on May 5 — the 28th annual March of the Living, a 1.86-mile walk from Auschwitz to Birkenau as a tribute

  • UJS bus on March of the Living 2016

    UJS supported 25 students to join March of the Living UK along with 250 other participants just a few weeks ago. March of the Living UK takes participants on a journey through centuries of Polish Jewry in order to understand life before, during and after the Holocaust. Bus C (the

  • Alan Dershowitz: Europe’s old (and new) hells remind us of Israel’s importance

    I just returned from a week-long journey through hell! It began with a visit to the Auschwitz and Birkenau death camps in Poland, as a participant of the March of the Living, following a conference commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Nuremberg laws and the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg

  • Maccabi GB does March of the Living 2016: The full blog

    Prologue Nathan and Talia represented Streetwise GB – a partnership project between the CST & Maccabi GB – on the March of the Living trip from 1st-6th May 2016, as part of a delegation of 240 UK participants. The mission of the trip was to challenge a new generation of

  • Maccabi GB does March of the Living 2016: A participant’s Blog

    As the second day of the trip comes to an end [we landed in Poland on Sunday 1st May] we have been up since 6am and are only now going to bed (it’s currently 23:20). It’s been a long, emotional day. We visited a small town which, before the war,

  • Award Winning Film “Never Forget: A March of the Living Story” to be Released on Yom Hashoah

    Award winning Producer, Anthony Salamon and Award winning Director, Adam Dostalek will bring their socially significant short film, Never Forget: A March of the Living Story to the public this Yom Hashoah. With Yom Hashoah (Holocaust remembrance day) 2016 fast approaching, and world events bringing issues of tolerance and community