Alumni Reflections: Rachel Greenwald, HMTC, 2016

What is the name of the March of the Living Delegation / Group that you traveled with? HMTC

Year(s) attended: 2016

What was the most memorable moment of your experience? Walking and talking with people from all over the world sharing this common bond of love and tolerance and NEVER AGAIN

What impact did Poland have on you? I saw a country that has more room without the millions who are not here anymore. I saw too many memorials that said “the people who died here” not mentioning the “Jewish people” who perished. I saw more dogs with couples than children so I don’t see a “growing” population. I also didn’t see the “homeless” population that I see in NYC so often. I experienced an anti-semitic rant by an old woman and a sign held up by a few nuns that said “we apologize”. My heart and mind is still processing it all.

What impact did Israel have on you? I LOVE Israel with all its wonders and faults. I’m a Zionist all the way but I did not go to Israel after the March this year. (But I have traveled there many times)

How were you impacted by the overall experience? I’m so glad I went and will talk about it to all I encounter.

What else would you like to share about your experience? I’m so proud to be a Jew and this trip reinforced it 6 million times.