Alumni Reflections: Nathan M, Western Region 2018

I hear birds chirp from the sky above and see butterflies flutter around the trees. I hope these are our people, watching and protecting us, and telling us their story, for us to never forget how their lives ended in such tragedy.

It is unfathomable to think such tragedy occurred in a place of peace, serenity, and quiet. I light a candle in memory of those who suffered here in Lupochowa, their lives will forever be in my heart and memory.

I notice that the flame of my candle had diminished. I wish that the flame, in memory of those lost, have rekindled the spark in the souls of those that perished.

Lastly, I realize that we get to walk out of Lupochowa Forrest with the weight of responsibility of sharing the stories of what occurred here.

-Nathan M, Western Region 2018