Alumni Reflections: Didi Browdy, Broward, 1998

What is the name of the March of the Living Delegation / Group that you traveled with? Broward

Year(s) attended: 1998

What was the most memorable moment of your experience? Too many. The most memorable was when we were at Displacement Camp and a participant on my bus or in my group found her family in a photo; she immediately was taken by officials to speak with someone!  

What impact did Poland have on you? Very intense and made me proud to be a Jew that will never forget!

What impact did Israel have on you? Amazing and very connected to our homeland. Been back 3 times!

How were you impacted by the overall experience? The MOL changed my life forever; walking in the same steps as the survivors, my three children that preceded me, four years from my trip my fourth child went, but his trip did not go to Israel that year!

What else would you like to share about your experience? This trip helps to teach you that nothing in this life or the world is as important as “Love your neighbor as thyself! Do not hate anyone except someone that tortures children, animal, and human beings. We need to learn from history so we are not doomed to repeat it; unfortunately, we are always repeating history!”


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