Alumni Reflection: Shoshannah Bunton, Western Region, 2017

Dear Child,
You were torn from your mother’s arms before you could speak. You were shot and killed by animals. You were stripped of your innocence. You were taken from this world far before you should have been.

Dear Child,
Know that this was not your fault. Know that your parents loved you and now know that we love you.

Dear Child,
May you rest in peace. May you know that many honor your life today. May you know that you rest in the hearts of thousands. May you know that you live on through the stories we tell.

Dear Child,
I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that you had to suffer at the hands of cowardly men cloaked in darkness. I’m sorry that your life was taken before you were able to live it. I’m sorry you will never know what love is. I’m sorry you will never know the true joys of life.

Dear Child,
My heart beats and aches for you. My arms reach out to hug your stolen body. My lungs breathe for you. My eyes gaze upon the wonders of the world for you. My legs travel through lands you could have never imagined. I live for you.

Dear child,
Your death among the trees of Poland will not be forgotten. I can not unsee the mass grave they call your final resting place. The beauty of the surroundings and the reality of your death will remain engraved in my mind forever. I can not comprehend the evil it took to commit those acts. There is no way to do so. But we will never forget!

Dear Child,
While your body may be at rest, your soul lives on.


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