Alumni Reflection: Beth Strum, USA, 1994

“I went on the March in 1994 with MetroWest NJ. I made some amazing friends and had amazing experiences. However, I have found it difficult to discuss amongst friends that have never been on the March. Throughout the years I have run into other March alum… we all share the same experiences and discuss with each other. But when I meet people who don’t know about the March, I feel like I describe it to them as though I am reading from a brochure. The experiences I had, the emotions I felt and are still dealing with today — is something no one else, but another alum can understand. It connects us not only as Jews but as someone who has a shared experience. We are not survivors, but children or grandchildren of survivors telling their stories. Some of us were lucky enough not to have lost family – but we are here to tell the stories of those families who have no one to tell it for them. We are here so no one will ever forget.”