Alumni Reflections: Angela Glaser, Southern Region, 2016

What is the name of the March of the Living Delegation / Group that you traveled with? Southern Region

Year(s) attended: 2016

What was the most memorable moment of your experience? When we were in Majdanek I saw the box that all of the prisoners were put in before they were gassed and I stood in the corner of it and cried because it hurt to think of the kids that went through there. It hurt to realize that in the next room kids would be at the top because parents were trying to save them and couldn’t.

What impact did Poland have on you? I will never forget Poland because I cried everyday we were there. But I also smiled because when I cried someone was there to comfort me or I was able to comfort someone else and I realized that there were people who cared about Jews. Even if it was just us, it was still someone. I will never forget Poland.

What impact did Israel have on you? Israel showed me that we always can make it. It was so much fun and the experience was amazing. I never felt so free than I did when I was on the streets of Jerusalem.

How were you impacted by the overall experience? Overall I will never forget the trip. I think about the details all the time wishing I could go again. I am closer to my religion now than I was and I cherish people more. I now am ok with showing my feelings because I know someone will always be there if I need them. I also now put myself first in some cases; while it is important to be there for others it’s more important to be there for yourself.

What else would you like to share about your experience? It was hard no doubt but I will never forget it. The experience was amazing and tearful and more than I thought it would be. I hope the other groups can get as much as I got out of it, which was a lot, or even more.


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