JPost – Holocaust survivor Ed Mosberg still wears a bracelet bearing his identification number from Mauthausen concentration camp. He and other survivors describe their lives during and after the Holocaust in new documentary “Destination Unknown”. The film, compiled over the course of 14 years, is told through the accounts of

  • Alumni Reflection: Nicole Kochukov, South Africa, 2017

    How can I write about about the 21st of April that we spent in Poland? I don’t think there is really an answer because to know what I am writing about – you would need to see it. Now I am not going to tell you about our day from

  • March of the Living expresses our sadness over the passing of David Shentow Z”L Holocaust Survivor and Educator

    David Shentow, of Ottawa, Canada, educated thousands of young people about the Holocaust and the dangers of hatred and intolerance. A true gentleman, and gentle man, his legacy of kindness and hope will live on in the hearts of so many teens who had the privilege of joining him on

  • We must ‘stand up and not remain silent in the face of hatred’

    Arielle Zelikovitz, a Grade 11 student at Sir Robert Borden High School, attended the sentencing hearing for the young Ottawa man convicted in the series of anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and racist graffiti attacks that shocked the city last November, and offers these thoughts. It is quite upsetting to watch the news

  • Alumni Reflection: Dani Shipley, Florida, 2017

      No words. Today was a day like no other. Eleven-thousand strong, from all over the world. There’s nothing like walking from a concentration camp (Auschwitz) to a death camp (Birkenau). Walking with Japanese flags on both our sides from their delegation, next to the Japanese women and men waiting

  • Alumni Reflection: Callan Kotzen, South Africa, 2017

    After witnessing the brutality of concentration camps, the sadness of memorials and the vibrant atmosphere of Warsaw, it was time to experience the beauty and history of Kraków on our last day in Poland. We started off the day with a visit to the Zbylitowdja Gora, a mass grave where

  • Alumni Reflection: Shoshannah Bunton, Western Region, 2017

    Dear Child, You were torn from your mother’s arms before you could speak. You were shot and killed by animals. You were stripped of your innocence. You were taken from this world far before you should have been. Dear Child, Know that this was not your fault. Know that your

  • Alumni Reflection: Ben Shofet, Los Angeles, 2017

    For two weeks, I alongside several other Beverly students took part in the 2017 March of the Living program (MOTL) with the Los Angeles Delegation. The trip was a total of two weeks. In the first week, as a group, we traveled to Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin, visiting numerous concentration camps,

  • Who will tell survivors’ stories when they’re gone? by David Benson, BJE LA, 2015

    In the spring of 2011, David Benson, found himself walking with his grandmother, Holocaust survivor Sidonia Lax, down the “black path” that once led to the crematorium at the Majdanek concentration camp in Poland. It was Lax’s fifth trip with the annual International March of the Living as a survivor,